Call for Special Sessions and Tracks

Scheduling Template The goal of special sessions (5 papers) and special tracks (at least two sessions) is to provide focused discussions on new topics or innovative applications. Each prospective session/track organizer must submit a proposal, including the title of the session, a short description and the organizer name. Please contact us as soon as possible to help you in the organization of your special session. Click on the icon to download the template. The proposals should be submitted to the Communication Chair before April 25, 2014.

Special Sessions and Tracks

icone pdf “Adaptive E-learning systems with social interactions”

Organized by Prof. Francis ROUSSEAUX (FR)

icone pdf “Advances in Sliding Mode Control Techniques: From Theory to Real Implementation”

Organized by Dr. Karim KHAYATI (CA)

icone pdf “Bio-inspired Systems for Chemical Component control”

Organized by Dr. Maryam SIADAT (FR)

icone pdf “Biomedical Engineering & Clinical Applications (BECA)”

Organized by Dr. Ahmad CHADDAD (USA), HDR-Dr. Camel TANOUGAST (FR)

icone pdf "Combinatorial Optimization and Logistic"

Organized by Mhand Hifi (FR), Lei Wu (FR)

icone pdf "Communications, Image and signal processing"

Organized by Prof. Ahmed BOURIDANE (UK), HDR-Dr Camel TANOUGAST (FR), Dr. Camille DIOU (FR)

icone pdf "Control of Discrete Event Systems"

Organized by Achraf J. TELMOUDI (TN), Carla SEATZU (I)

icone pdf "Control and supervision of manufacturing systems"

Organized by Dr. Achraf J. TELMOUDI (TN), Prof. Lyes BENYOUCEF (FR), Prof. Lotfi NABLI (TN)

icone pdf "Dynamic Programming and Fully Polynomial Approximation Schemes for problems of logistics and supply chain management"

Organized by Prof. Mikhail Y. Kovalyov (Belarus), Prof. Imed Kacem, (FR)

icone pdf "Efficiency and Productivity"

Organized by Prof. Mehdi TOLOO (CZ)

icone pdf "Emotion Recognition for Human Machine System"

Organized by Dr. Choubeila MAAOUI (FR), Prof. Alain PRUSKI (FR)

icone pdf “Exact Methods for Scheduling Problems” – Gotha Group

Organized by David RIVREAU (FR)

icone pdf "Graph Theory and Applications"

Organized by Sébastien MARTIN (FR)

icone pdf "Healthcare systems planning and optimization"

Organized by D. Malek MASMOUDI (FR), D. Racem MELLOULI (TN), D. Issam Nouaouri (FR)

icone pdf "Heuristics and Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Problems" - Gotha Group

Organized by Prof. Imed KACEM (FR)

icone pdf "Industrial Scheduling" – Gotha Group

Organized by Antoine JOUGLET (FR)

icone pdf "Lifetime management of sustainable energy production systems"

Organized by Dr. Ciprian LUPU (FR), Dr. Alexandre SAVA (FR), Prof. Kondo ADJALLAH (FR)

icone pdf "Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks"

Organized by Prof. Hichem SNOUSSI (FR), Dr. Faicel HNAIEN (FR)

icone pdf "Polyhedra and Combinatorial Optimization" – POC Group

Organized by A. Ridha MAHJOUB (FR)

icone pdf "Predictive maintenance decision support with Monte Carlo simulation"

Organized by Prof. Kondo H. ADJALLAH (FR)

icone pdf "Recent advances in Decision tools for Optimisation"

Organized by Prof. Dr. Abdelaziz DAMMAK (TN), Prof. Dr. Taïçir LOUKIL (TN)

icone pdf "Renewable Energy"

Organized by Dr. Harry RAMENAH (FR), HDR-Dr Camel TANOUGAST (FR)

icone pdf "Robust Control and its applications "

Organized by Dr. Ahmed CHAIBET (FR), Dr. Moussa BOUKHNIFER (FR)

icone pdf "Tools and Design of Embedded on chip communications and systems"

Organized by HDR-Dr Camel TANOUGAST (FR), Prof. Elbey BOURENNANE (FR)